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If you need help with the use of Eagle Mode, then please visit the Help Forum. If you need help with the application programming interface, then please visit the API Support Forum.

Reporting bugs

Bugs should also be reported to the Help Forum. Best is to begin the subject line with "BUG:", so that it can easily be found.

But before reporting a bug, please try to figure out whether it is really a bug of Eagle Mode. Many problems are to be located in the foreign libraries and programs used by Eagle Mode. For example, error messages shown by emTmpConv (temporary conversion) are usually coming from foreign programs and cannot be fixed or worked around in Eagle Mode. Some problems simply arise from different names of the same program on different systems - reference for Eagle Mode is the Debian distribution.


Suggestions and feature requests should go to the Open Discussion Forum.

If you have programmed something

If you have programmed something for or with Eagle Mode, and if you publish it on the Internet, then please sent me the web link. Maybe I will start a Links page then.

Please do not send me any source code or other materials. I don't want to manage a community project.

Contacting me directly

My name is Oliver Hamann and my address is olha@users.sourceforge.net.