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Future Plans

This is a short summary of my future plans for the on-development of Eagle Mode. Only the most essential things are listed. The plans are long-term, because I will probably not have much time for working on the project.

Android version

Port Eagle Mode to Android phones. This has already begun and it seems it will work very well despite the software acceleration.


Allow better text painting through a nice class named "emFont", which still connects to the built-in font, but which also connects to a standard font library where available.

Improve emPainter: Provide more painting capabilities like splines, color gradients and textures.


emMeta could be the name for a secondary API. It would allow to write plugin applications in a language like Perl, Python, Javascript or whichever. Technically, emMeta would be a communication protocol mainly for creating and modifying a sub-tree of panels, and for transferring input events. It could be used to communicate with a child process via pipeline or with a remote process via network. Besides, the protocol could also be used as a file format for defining deep static "pictures" without any scripting. Of course, the emMeta API can never be as powerful as the primary API (emCore), but it could make the programming of several applications a little easier. And it has the advantage of a better stability, because when a plugin application crashes and it is a child process instead of a linked library, Eagle Mode can live on.


Make the virtual cosmos graphically editable (drag&drop, grouping, file manager interface...).