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Please uninstall any old version before installing the new one.

File Description
eaglemode-0.93.1-setup.exe Setup executable for installation on Windows ≥ 7. This even installs the third-party programs and libraries required by Eagle Mode. An uninstall function is also provided. Note that several Eagle Mode features are not available on Windows: the UTF-8 encoding, the audio/video player, the postscript viewer, the PDF viewer, the SVG viewer, and all the viewers that perform temporary conversion (zip, doc, html...).
32-bit and 64-bit binary packages for installation on Debian ≥ 9.0, Ubuntu ≥ 16.04, Mint ≥ 18, and other up-to-date Debian-based systems.
32-bit and 64-bit binary packages for installation on elder Debian-based systems like Debian 7 to 8, Ubuntu 14 to 15, and Mint 17.
32-bit and 64-bit binary packages for installation on openSUSE ≥ 13.1, Fedora ≥ 20, Mageia ≥ 4, and other RPM-based systems.
32-bit and 64-bit binary packages for installation on Slackware ≥ 14.2.
eaglemode-0.93.1-livecd.iso ISO image of the Eagle Mode Live CD. It contains a Slacko Puppy Linux with Eagle Mode already installed. It has icons on the desktop for starting Eagle Mode and for reading the documentation. You just need to download the ISO image, burn a CD from it, and boot that CD. It does not require any installation to hard disk. Hint: Do not burn the ISO image as a file to a data CD. Instead, look out for a function like "Burn Image", "Write ISO" or "Copy Image To CD" in your CD burn software.
eaglemode-0.93.1.tar.bz2 Source package for installation from source. Instructions for compilation and installation are contained in the package. Just unpack it and open the file "doc/html/index.html" in a web browser. Alternatively, you could read the documentation here.